Mixed up

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Mixed up
Enhypen - Mixed up
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Текст песни Mixed up
They can't leave me alone
A notification just popped up
I wish for a world that's quiet
All day long, all day long
Buzzes again

I become the center of provocative gossip
I don't understand, don't understand
It's hot, I'm tired of this burning fame
Forget it, be quiet (Oh)

But what is all this
It makes sense, the thirst for me
I suddenly opened my eyes
The center of the topic (Hoo, ha)

I am mixed up once again
The world suddenly turned upside down
Mixed up, is that him?
I only tell my own stories
Yet, I became the main character without even knowing
Gossip gossip (Oh)
Mixed up, leave me alone
All day mixed up, mixed up, oh, oh

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