Peach Tree Rascals
Doing Fine

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Doing Fine
Peach Tree Rascals - Doing Fine
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Текст песни Doing Fine
I feel it when I wake up, it's hard for me to stay up

We spent our summertime stuck inside
Everybody doing good, doing fine
Frontin like I feel the same
But really I've been out my mind for a while
I don't wanna be the one, the one that's always stressing
I'm just tryna chill and keep my cool
All these diamonds keep on falling from me in disguise like
I just wanna bring them all to you

Spending summertime
Doing good, doing fine
Spending summertime
Doing good, doing fine

Look I'm high as hell
Dyin' seem feasible
Might as well
I bite my nails
She hold my hand
Now I can't bite my nails
My trauma sell
No one ever told me what the world like
Wish I could say one word make the whole wide world pipe
Down I can't see straight
I make things ok
Y'all can't see my pain
I can't feel my face
I can't change my ways
Higher than ever
I'm riding the weather
I'm tryna get better
And get it together I wake up at 7 and faint

Love me
You love me
I feel it blowing away
You open your heart
When you know it's never the same

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Владислава 29 марта 2021 08:51
Peach Tree Rascals - просто универсальный артист, шоумен и певец. Люблю его чувство юмора и умение посмеяться над собой. Эта песня, как и другие, моментально поднимает настроение :-) kissing_closed_eyes