Stileto Madalen Duke
Dead Or Alive

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Dead Or Alive
Stileto Madalen Duke - Dead Or Alive
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Текст песни Dead Or Alive
What did I do falling for you?
Fuck up my life you messed it up like 200 times
Maybe it's sad but now I can laugh
You've had your fun now you'll be getting a taste of my love

So now I'm asking you for one last favour
You've got an enemy inside your blood
Could you just take this little parting favour?
It's just a little present from my love

Tell me your lies no need to hide
Baby tonight I take you dead or alive
Get you alone and under control
'Cause you'll be mine dead or alive

Dead or alive

I was in pain you were to blame
Needed the rush now I'm just running on coffee and drugs
This hell of a ride crashed to the ground
No one can save you
Baby I'm counting it down
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